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There have been improvements and change in the User Interface of the Social App. Any questions/feedback please get in touch with

New Link for the Standard Player

We've simplified the journey to create a player in the UGC.

Now you have a specific tab where you'll see a grid of published streams. Selecting one will take you to the player of that stream.

More options available on the UGC Carousel

  • Now you can set your carousel speed from 1 second to 30 seconds, incrementing by second.
  • You can change now some CSS like slide spacing.
  • We've also incorporated DI options there too.
  • Clickable boxes, so you can manually setup the exact number for the slider options, within reasonable limits.

Modal has now got horizontal navigation

We've added arrows to your UGC modal, so your customers can engage easier with your content and get the inspiration they are looking for.

Shoppable modal also when enriching with url

Now your user can buy even for URL enrichments and modal on.



Quicker generate code

Button goes to the top and code is available as soon as you press it.


Modal has link

You'll have now a direct link showing how you are using a social image. That way, you can notify your users and they can share it with their friends, family and followers.







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