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Dynamic Media

Dynamic Media Exercises

Below are some exercises you can try, based on the DM training you were given. Remember there are some great resources online to help you answer all of these.

Amplience Hub

Amplience Playground 

There are links to helpful docs and guidance tools under each section, to help you with the exercises.


Exercise 1. Image manipulation

  • Get the URL of a published image
  • Paste the URL into a new tab and make the below changes to the image, using parameters
    • Change width to 350, quality to 10,  format to JPG and rotate 180 degrees
  • Copy the URL of a new image, and this time make the following crop to it;
    • 45 pixels from the left, 50 pixels from the top and 35 pixels from the right.
    • Now create a transformation template with the above crop parameters in place. 
  • Create a transformation template which runs the following commands;
    • Height of 250 pixels
    • Quality of 75%
    • Flip vertically
    • Save and publish and test this on one of your assets 

List of all DI parameters

Transformation Templates

Image manipulation tool in the Amplience Playground


Exercise 2. SEO

Get the URL of any of your assets. Then using the SEO parameters, give the asset an SEO friendly name. You can add your parameters or your TT’s onto this if you like. Then save the image and make sure your SEO friendly name appears.

SEO generation process


Exercise 3. PDP Players

Using the PDP player app, create a player, and paste the code into a page and send this to us when you have complete. Below are the steps to take to complete this: 

  1. Create a media set in your assets.
  2. Create suitable Transformation Templates for all three image sizes used in the player (Thumbnail, Main image and zoom)
  3. Design your player using the app
  4. Generate code (remember to use your TT’s and include the Media set name)
  5. Copy the code you’ve generated and edited, and send to us to assess. 

Creating Media sets

Transformation Templates

PDP Players

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