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Interactive Merchandising

Interactive Merchandising Exercises

Exercise 1. Carousel and button

1. Create a piece of content. Change the background colour to something other than white. Add a background image, then add;

    • An image map over something on the background image, which launches a product panel (Note if you have a data feed, you'll need to assign this to the module first and ensure the template settings are data driven for product panels).
    • A button which invokes a youtube video

Button tool

Video overlay panel

Exercise 2 - Slider and Templates

1. Create a different piece of content, with another background image. Then;

    • Add another slide to create a carousel.
    • Your carousel can show either next/previous buttons, screen selectors or both. What your carousel will show depends on the template settings – change whatever pagination is defaulted to something else (so it’s showing screen selectors instead of next/previous buttons, for example).
    • On the second slide of your carousel, add a slider. Change this to show image panels instead of product panels.

Content Templates


Exercise 3 - Text and custom panels

2. Either create a new piece of content, or edit an existing. Then;

    • Write some text onto the content.
    • Change the size and colour of this text.
    • Image map over the text, launch a custom panel.
    • In the panel do the following;
      • Add a background colour to the panel
      • Change the colour and opacity of the colour block
      • Add an image
      • Add a video

Text tool

Image maps

Custom panels

Exercise 4 - E-publications

1. Create an E-publication. Add another piece of content and select the e-publication tool.

    • Insert an image on each screen,
    • Add two more screens,and images on both of these, so you have 4 screens in total
    • Add next and previous buttons.

2. Create another E-publication.

    • Change it so it’s layout is a single page.
    • Add a few more screens, and images and text to each.
    • Add next/previous buttons, then change the icon for the buttons.

3. Using the last E-publication created;

    • Create some space either to the side or to the top of your e-publication (can make the canvas bigger, or the e-pub smaller  you don’t have any room)
    • Go into taxonomy and change the name of each of the pages to something more relevant.
    • Add a Table of Contents
    • Change the amount of columns in the Table of Contents.

E-publication tool

E-publication Webinar


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