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Analytics Quick Reference

What are module views?

Module views are equivalent to page views - the number of times the Amplience module (content) has been viewed by your customers.

What are Engagement events?

Engagement events track each time the customer clicks on a button, or image map which tracks interactions with the module only. For example - clicking on a next/previous button, navigation to another carousel page and clicking on something which launches a basic panel. This doesn't include clicking on areas which take you out of a module -like a 'Buy now' button, a link to a URL or a third party action. Engagement events are any events which keep you solely in the Amplience module, and nothing external is launched.

What are Performance events?

Unlike Engagement events, Performance events are any event which take the customer out of the Amplience module, whether permanently, or temporarily. This can include any sort of 'call to action' - such as launching a panel which triggers an 'add to basket' or 'buy now'. This can also include anything which launches a URL link, any sort of 3rd party action, or something which directs them to their e-commerce system.  

What are events?

Events are captured when a customer clicks on or touches (mobile) Amplience content - for example clicking on a hotspot or polygon.

Where is the "Autoscaling Analytics Charts" feature?

The option to set the analytics chart scale to a fixed 0-100% has been removed and the charts have been set to always autoscale.

Can I see which slides or hotspots are performing better then others?

This is not currently available, however will be released in the future.

Do you track bounce rates?

We don't track bounce rates as typically this is already captured in your existing analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends.

Can I add Amplience events to my existing analytics system?

Yes please refer to our Tracking and Analytics Overview page in the forums or take a look at our Google Analytics example.

How long does it take to see report data?

Reporting data is updated every 24 hours.

What time zone are the reports in?

The reporting data is based on GMT.

Can I download the report?

Currently it is not possible to download the report or to extract the data from the report. Options to do this will be available in a future release.

If I re-use the same Amplience module on more then 1 page or site how is analytics data displayed?

If you are re-using the same content module on multiple pages the number of views are added together.