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Deep linking is an additional feature of Amplience modules that can direct customers to specific parts of module content when they arrive on the page. For example, a fashion site could have a landing page carousel with both women and men’s clothing. When sending out email marketing to previous customers, deep linking can be used to direct male customers to arrive on the menswear slide and female customers to arrive on the women's wear slide.

Implementation Guideline

Although deep linking is built into Amplience modules it requires some custom script on your site. This is because deep linking involves modifying the URL of the page. For example, a webpage might have a URL of:


To enable deep linking, a slide number needs to be specified in the URL, for example:


With some sites already using the anchor (#) URL segment, each implementation may slightly vary.

Embed Code Variable:

To send a module to a specific slide, add an extra var to the embed code. The name of the example var is “slide” and the value is the slide number (‘3’ for the third slide etc). For example:


   target: "tc_Area1", width: 512, height: 512,

   vars: {id: "692929ce-d053-4d22-bba9-60822797a178", slide: "3"},

   params: {allowScriptAccess: "always", wmode: "transparent" },

   src: [

       {type:"html5", src:"tcplayer.js"},

       {type:"swf", src:"tcplayer.swf",version:"9.0.0"}




The change to the embed code shown above, would make the module land on the third slide. To direct customers to various slides some custom JavaScript can be added above the embed code which will read out the slide number from the URL and pass it into the module embed code. For example:

This javascript will need placing in <head>

<script language="javascript">
var slide = "1";
if(window.location.hash.indexOf("#slide-") == 0){
slide = window.location.hash.substr(7);


In the generated embed code place deepLinking:"false", slide: slide to vars. For example:

vars: {id: "ecbcbfef-cde8-40bd-9fe5-a55fceb5a60c", resolveJSPath:"true", deepLinking:"false", slide: slide},


At this stage the slide number can be appended to the URL. For Example: index.html#slide-2 will display slide 2 for a customer clicking on that URL.


Note: This currently is only available for carousels. Due to additions made with splash image, the first slide will display and then it will transition to the deep link slide.