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Overwriting Assets Manually

The Digital Asset Manager now has the functionality to overwrite assets, If the assets already exist with the same file name.

In order to overwrite assets manually, you would need to upload assets via the file up loader in DAM.

Overwriting assets

Step 1: select the 'Upload' button 

Step 2:Select files to upload and overwrite(drag or choose)

In the above example I am going to select the asset named 'Blue', this asset is already present in DAM. Once I select the asset it will proceed to upload.

However, before it completes the system will recognise that there is an asset with the same name already active in DAM.

Step 3:Overwrite or Rename

The pop-up for overwriting assets will appear, you have two options before the upload is complete:

  • Overwrite Existing
  • Rename the asset to a new name

Please note: currently only active assets in DAM can be overwritten

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