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The Amplience 'Slider' (Content > Template) component repeats a set on Amplience 'Panels' in something which is like a carousel. All configurations of a Slider (apart from the content such as images and text) are controlled in the content template which has been assigned to your module.

  1.  Select template-Edit configuration.
  2.  Expand slider option.
  3. Product Data Feed can set to Manual or Data Driven.

4. By selecting a panel to display this will inherit the design that you have set within that specific panel, also from within your template.

When using a slider, you have a choice of 4 "Panels" which can be repeated. This can be chosen in your content template.

5. Rotation Control you have two options here:

  • Auto Play- this option within the feature will play the slider automatically
  • Loop- this option will allow the slider to continuously circulate=

6. Layout is where you can define the design for the slider, the following options are available:

  •  Standard
  •  3D Carousel
  •  Grid Layout

7. Navigation behavior gives you two options to select from:

  •  Navigate through single items
  • Navigate through the pages

8. The margin between products will give you control to select how much space margin there should be between products

9. Pagination options this is just another way for you to separate the content and presentation of your slider:

  • Both- this would give you the option of having a slide selector as well as next/previous buttons.
  • Slide selector- you need to upload a slide selector button and then set the design you would like i.e. Position, margin offset in pixels and pager block 

  • Next/previous- for this option you need to upload two buttons, note there are no options to set the design, the design is set

  • None- not one, not any, giving you the option to select neither
From the above image you can see the options for using pagination within your slider.

Place Slider in your Module

The next part of implementing a Slider is to access the module you would like the slider to be put into, ensuring that you have the correct template assigned to it, in order to get your chosen design.

  1. Firstly you would need to select the Slider icon from the Tools Panel
  2. Then select were on the carousel you would like to place the slider

3. There are six selected options for the slider:

  • Set Image- this will give you the choice of what image you would like to be assigned to the slide, from your asset manager
  • Link Image- will allow you to set a hyperlink for the specific slider
  • Set ALT Text- within here you can set the alternative text for the slider
  • Add Slide- gives you the option to add another slide to the slider
  • Send Backwards- you can use this in order to send an item backwards
  • Bring Forwards-  the opposite of sending an item backwards, you can use this tool to bring items forward
  • Delete Slider- gives you the control to remove a slide if needed
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