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The Authoring Studio allows customers experiencing problems with uploading images related to browser proxy settings, the option to load images using a http based asset uploader. 

 Note: This new uploader cannot be used to add an image to a slide – it is only to upload media assets.

To use the Upload Manager, please do the following:
1.      Enter the Media browser by using the Image Tool from the Tools panel

2.      Once the Media Browser is open, click on the + icon. A new window showing files from your local machine will open

3.      Choose the image(s) you wish to upload and click on open

4.      The new image(s) will upload to the asset manager and show as 'Done' once the upload is complete

5.      The newly uploaded image(s) will appear first in the Media Browser

6.      When you are ready to use your newly upload image(s), select the image as normal and add it to your content module