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Use A Custom Overlay Panel

The panel type 'Custom' is a free format panel that allows any type of element to be added e.g. Buttons, Images, Text etc. This allows for complete customisation of a Panel. The option to select a custom panel for your button or image map is view-able via the OCM (Action Lightning Bolt). Custom Overlay Panels are manually driven, currently you do not have the option to us driven data within this panel.

The custom panel is a free format panel that allows any type of element to be added. This allows complete customization of a popup panel.

Once setting the new “Custom” panel, the panel can be edited by selecting the 'Trigger Action' from the OCM of the assigned button or image map. In order to hide the panel and return to editing – this can be done by clicking off the panel.

After selecting the Trigger Action, an overlay panel will be displayed as illustrated below


The overlay panel can be resized or repositioned. It is also possible to add ePublications (catalogues), sub-canvases, Videos, Sliders, Text, Images and buttons by double clicking on the custom overlay panel to drill down (see below) and add items form the toolbox panel.

Custom overlay panels provide you a lot more flexibility than other panels, and they let you implement a variety of elements. Currently there is no option to set a background colour on a custom overlay panel. You will also note that this panel does not have any settings available within your content template, unlike the four other panels.

You can only create and edit a custom overlay panel once in the Authoring Studio, the panel is not manageable in any other part of the Interactive Merchandising product.