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Use A Video Overlay Panel

Whether you are planning on using the Video Overlay Panel within an Image Map or Button, it initially needs to be setup to meet the design you require.

Content Template > Video Overlay Panel

 To begin with you would need to configure the template following the above steps to access the template.

Above you can see the visual for the Video Overlay Panel settings. Within the settings you can set the layout, style and positioning, video skin and play options of the Video Overlay Panel. Settings comprise of auto play, loop and skin options from the main video section of the Template Builder.

You can set the following selections for the Video Overlay Panel:

  • Background Colour: choose from your predefined list of brand colours.
  • Gradient background colour: fade from one colour through to an alternative.
  • Panel Background Transparency: set a transparency from 0% to 100%
  • Rounded Corners: set panel to have rounded corners ( this is pre-defined at radius of 5px)
  • Panel border colour: select from your predefined list of brand colours.
  • Configurable Position: select if panel position is fixed, centre or positional.
  • Panel Size: set the Width and Height of the panel in pixels.
  • Panel Padding: set the inside padding in pixels.
  • Video Skin: select skin design for the video.
  • Playback options: auto play video on load and/or loop on end.
  • Close button: facility to set a panel close button and it's position within the panel.

So once you have correctly setup the Video Overlay Panel, the next step would be to implement the Video Overlay Panel into a module via a button or an image map.  You can assign the panel to the feature by the via the OCM (Action Lightning Bolt). This will bring up the Configure Action screen, as seen below.


Once you have selected the Video Panel, you next need to input a video into the panel. Start by triggering the button in this instance, via the OCM (Trigger Action) When the button is triggered the Video Panel will be displayed, you would then need to set the video you would like to be inserted within the panel.

You would need to select the Set Video settings and then choose which type of video you would like to insert into the panel.

There is more information available in relation to the type of videos you can use on the following pages:

HTML5-Flash/Video Configuration-Support

Embed Video - YouTube Player

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