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Use Button and Image Maps

Template builder has depreciated its enforcement of 'method' and 'action' for Buttons and Image Maps- Template Builder now only configures the default settings for your template, which can be overridden in the Editor.

Within the Editor, the actions panel has been re-designed for “Actions” on Buttons and Image Maps. When you add a Button or Image Map, a Lightning bolt icon within the OCM (object centric menu) gives you the action menu option.

Click the lightning bolt to launch the 'Action Panel', where you will be able to override your template action settings for your selected button and/ or image map.

Action restrictions in Template Builder for image maps have been removed. In Template Builder previously you could only trigger Links, PoP or 3rd Party action for polygons. Within the Editor the 'Action' option allows Editors to override and set any panel type (PoP, Image, Text, Video and Custom) for image maps. It is now also possible to set different actions for the same button type and image map.

Actions that can now be set for both buttons and image maps are:

  1. Hyperlink
  2. Overlay Panel
  3. Navigation
  4. 3rd Party Action
  5. Lightbox Panel