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Amplience have built in support for passing variables into the Text element within a module. This new feature is useful for sites where personalisation is used. Token variables passed will work in both Flash and HTML5 embed methods.

Using Tokens

1.Create/Update your module, and pass your tokens as flash vars (if you would like to preview these in the Amplience Editor). You will see a field for Flash vars at the bottom of the module settings lightbox, where you are able to set your tokens.

2. In the Flash vars field add your tokens, for example: TITLE=Professor. Multiple tokens can be appended using an & as follows: TITLE=Professor&NAME=Amplified&SURNAME=Experience...

...and so on. You can use this for regions, dates, numbers, etc.

2. In the Editor, add a Text element to your module. In the text field, pass the variable NAME using your tokens, for example {{NAME}}

If you are adding multiple tokens, simply add them in the string where you need them. The above example can be expanded to incorporate multiple tokens in a string to personalise a message when the user loads the module, as follows: 'Welcome back, {{TITLE}} {{NAME}} {{SURNAME}}'

Based on the Flash vars you have added into your module settings, when the module is previewed in the Editor, the resulting text would be 'Welcome back, Professor Amplified Experience'.

You can also update your vars from within the editor by accessing the 'More Settings'  option from the Module properties panel.

From here you can add or remove the vars you added when creating the module