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What IP address does the Amplience use to connect to servers?

Please contact the Customer Success Team for details.

Why can I only see temporary files on my server?

These files are created temporarily by the system for file upload purposes on the server. Once the publishing of the modules has finished, the server should be refreshed.

How do you assign a publishing area to your module?

In the module section, hover over the cog on the top right of the module you want to associate to an area and click 'Associate to an Area'. Select an area from the drop down menu and click 'Assign' to finish.

How do I cancel my scheduled module publishing?

All scheduled publishes can be cancelled in bulk or singularly. In the Amplience system go to publishing areas, click on the menu of area you want to cancel and select publishing queue. In the box which opens, either select the cross next to a scheduled publish you wish to cancel or use the 'Cancel All' button at the bottom.

How long does it take to publish a module?

Publishing modules takes different times depending on what format of publishing the client has chosen. The FTP format can take minutes, a ZIP takes seconds and the other formats depend of the different variables.

What does the embed code do?

The first bit of the embed code is placed to reference the interact and swfobject files, as they help to build module that is being embedded to the client page. The second part of the embed code does the actual embedding of the module into the web page. This final part of the embed code contains the references to the XDs, Flash and HTML5 references and the basepath parameter. All of these components allow the user to decide the format of the module, ensure that all the content is included on the module.

My content keeps failing to publish, why is that?

Please ensure that a 'Publishing Connector' has been assigned. To assign a connector, click on the options menu on the top right of the area and select 'Assign connector'. Then select a connector from the list and click 'Assign'.

I'm trying to schedule a publish but I am unable to select certain times, why is that?

You will be unable to select a time that has already passed or a time within the next 30 minutes of setting up the publish schedule.

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