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Basic workflow capabilities are provided in DAM, allowing users to set a status for each asset and assign assets to other team members for review and approval. Organising assets by the assigned user provides a useful way of managing workflow and indicating assets that need attention.

The workflow status is not enforced and is intended to support an existing workflow rather than imposing a new one, as well as to make make assets easier to organise. Workflow status is independent of the publish status and assets can be published irrespective of the workflow status, or whether one is set.

The rest of this page explains how to set a workflow status and how this status can be used to organise and filter assets.

Setting the workflow status

When an asset is imported into DAM, either manually or using bulk upload, there is no status set. The workflow status can be viewed and changed from the asset properties pane.

Open the properties pane as shown below.


From the properties pane click the "Set Workflow Status" button to open up the dialog to bring up the workflow settings screen.

Alternatively, you can choose "Set Workflow Status" from the asset's settings.

From here you change the workflow status and can also assign the work to another user. Note that the date the asset was imported is shown at the top of the window.

The workflow status icon is updated to reflect the new status.

The reviewing user will check the content and then choose whether to approve or reject it. The asset can be published at any point, it does not have to be approved first.

Organizing assets by workflow status

Assets can be organised and filtered in the asset library using their workflow status and who they were assigned to. In the example below we have chosen to display only those assets with a workflow status of "In Review". 

There is also a filter for workflow status that you can use to filter the view of assets by one or more workflow statuses, together with the "Assigned To" field. 

In this case we've selected to view all assets that are either "Approved" or "In Review" and assigned to Andrew.


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