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How to Generate a HAR File in Google Chrome?

Start by opening Google Chrome. If you don't have Google Chrome and you're free to install additional programs, please download Google Chrome and install it.

In Chrome, go to the page where you are experiencing trouble.

Right-click anywhere on that page and click on Inspect Element to open Chrome's Developer Tools.

The Developer Tools will open as a panel at the bottom of the page. Click on the Network tab.

Click the record button, a solid black circle, at the top left hand corner of the Network tab to begin recording activity in your browser.

Refresh the page you're on and begin working with like you normally would. The goal is to reproduce the problem you've been experiencing while Google Chrome is recording activity.

Once you've encountered the problem successfully while recording, right-click within the Network tab and click Save as HAR with Content to save a copy of the activity that you recorded.

Within the file window, save the HAR file somewhere convenient. Please attach the HAR file to the support ticket so that we can assist further.

How to Generate a HAR File in Mozilla Firefox?

Firstly open Firefox, if you don't have Firefox installed please visit this link to download it for free.  Once open, go to the Firefox Add-ons website. Type "Firebug" into the search box in the top-right corner of the page.

Click the Add to Firefox button next to Firebug in the search results.  Click the Install Now button, when prompted, to the install the add-on. 

  After Firefox has restarted, you will see a new button in your Firefox toolbar, like the image to the left. When clicked this will launch Firebug. 


The NetExport extension now needs to be added to FireFox. To get this extension please visit this link and click NetExport from the About my Projects section on the right hand side. Click on the download link on the NetExport page, then click on the latest NetExport XPI file. Click Allow when prompted. Click on Install Now to install the extension.

Launch Firebug and click on the Net tab in the Firebug window. If you receive a message telling you that the Net Panel is disabled, click on the arrow on the Net tab and click Enabled from the drop down menu.

Enter the URL of the page you are experiencing the trouble on into the address bar and press enter. Once the page has finished loading it will show all the HTTP Requests in the FireBug console that have made.

Click on the Export button on the Net panel toolbar. Choose the Save As option from the drop down menu. Now select a location of where you would like to save the file and click the Save button.

 Please attach the HAR file to the support ticket so that we can assist you further.

What is a HAR File?

HAR files are a formatted archive of a web browsers interaction with a site. The file consists of a range of information, the main purpose is to record each object being loaded by the browser.

Using a HAR file allows you to detect key performance problems with a web page.

Key information generated by a HAR file include:

  • DNS information
  • Object request speed
  • Server connection speed
  • Possible object blocks


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