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This release includes an improvement to the user interface and workflow of Content Hub (our Digital Asset Management solution).  You can now open the Point of Interest (POI) app directly from an asset's contextual menu making it easier to add and edit POI metadata.

Easy access to the Point of Interest (POI) app

Adding POI metadata to an image allows you to make that image adaptable, responding to different screen sizes and aspect ratios and ensuring that a certain area of that image is always visible, for example. POI information is added to an image using the POI app and this can now be opened directly from the Content Hub.

To open the POI app with an image, select the image in the Content Hub and right-click to display the contextual menu. Choose the "Edit With" menu item and then select "Point of Interest".

The image is then opened in the POI app as shown below. You can create and edit POI metadata as explained in the POI user documentation.

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