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How to generate a report 

This is a tool built into MS Internet Explorer.  

Press F12 to open F12 tools, and then click the Profiler tab.

The profiler lets you start and stop profiling and offers several views or reports of functions, the number of times they were run, and the time each took to run.

When you first click the Profiler tab, the grid is empty. Click the Start profiling button, and then run the code that you want profiled in the browser. If you want to start from the initial load of the webpage, click Refresh to run the code on the page. Click Stop profiling when you want to stop collecting data and view the results. To profile just a section of code, click Start profiling, run just that section in the browser (such as a function called from a button click), and then click Stop profiling.

Reports from the profiler tool are automatically generated when you click Stop profiling.


You can copy all or some of the information in the profiler reports by selecting the rows and pressing Ctrl+C or right-click and click Copy. To select all rows, press Ctrl + A, and then press Ctrl+C.


To export directly to a comma-delimited (.csv) file, click the Export icon (next to Start profiling button). The export function saves all rows, including the headings, while copy and paste only includes the selected rows, with no headings.

What is the Profiler Tool?

A built-in script profiler that enables you to analyse the performance of JavaScript code and is part of the debug tools by Microsoft. 




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