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This release note covers improvements to Content Authoring that allow you to specify a folder when saving and copying content. Content Hub has also been enhanced with improvements to the way selection works.

Folder selection when saving

When you save a piece of content in Content Authoring, it's now possible to choose the folder within which the content item is saved. This functionality is available when you:

  • Save newly created content for the first time
  • Create a new copy of content by choosing "Save As" from the Save menu in the Content Editing window
  • Choose Copy from the item's card library card menu in the Content Library

The example below shows how you can select a destination folder when copying a piece of content.

In the Save dialog, enter a name for the new content as normal. Click the open and close arrow as shown in the image to show or hide a list of folders. You can then choose the folder within which to save the content. In this case the "Winter collection" sub folder is selected. Click Save to save the content into this folder.

Note that if you don't specify a folder,  the content will be saved in the current folder. See Content Authoring Save Location Improvements- March 22nd 2017 

 Click here to see folder selection in more detail...

The example below demonstrates folder selection when saving a newly created piece of content.

A new piece of content is created and saved by clicking the Save button in the Content Editing window.

Click the open/close arrow as shown in the image below to display a list of folders into which to save content. In this case the "Autumn Collection" folder is chosen.

Click "Ok" and the content is saved within this folder.

Back in the Content Library, choose the "Autumn Collection" folder to see the library card for the "Autumn Signature Collection" content.



Improved selection in Content Hub

In Content Hub there are two selection modes: single selection (the default) and multiple selection. Single selection is shown in the image below and has been enhanced to allow you to select a continuous range of items, together with discontiguous selection. To select a range of items, click the first one to select it and then Shift-left click on the last item in the chosen range. All the items in the range will be selected.

To select a discontiguous range of items, use Ctrl-left click (on Windows) or Cmd-click (on Mac OS) to add an item to the selection. A discontiguous range of items is shown in the image below. You can then perform a bulk operation on these items, such as publishing.

The behaviour of the bulk selection mode has not been changed. In this mode you will click to select an item, click again to deselect it and click away from all items to deselect all.

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