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Point of Interest Version 2.0
  • Updated User interface
  • Search by assets or folders
  • Save and publish
  • Choose number of assets to show on a page
  • Jump to page
  • Responsive layout
  • Publish status icons on assets
  • New enrichment types with target (SKU) and selector (Styling) attributes:
    • Point Hotspot
    • Polygon Hotspot:
      • Rectangle
      • Oval
  • Hotspot priority ordering
  • Filter options:
    • Focal Point
    • Point Hotspot
    • Point Polygon
  • Removal Options ( delete attributes )
  • View the enriched data directly from within the app

User guidance here: TBC

Indexing enhancements
  • Architectural refactor of internal systems for improved stability


Existing guidance for Point if Interest available here.

Example Usage - Hotspots (Point & Polygon)

Step 1: Enrich image

In the example below, we have enriched the image with various information:

Point hotspots

  • shoe
  • jacket
  • shirt

Polygon hotspots

  • face
  • jeans



Step 2: Save and Publish

Step 3: View PoI data

Request as data to expand meta data:



Step 4: Consume data

See example commented HTML here.

Example Usage - Extended hotspot selector override

This is based on the example above but with the following extensions.

Extension 1: Add more enrichment to the media

Added some selectors to some hotspots (hs1, hs2)

Extension 2: Adapt front end code to consume selection

On the link below the 'hs1' and 'hs2' css classes have been added and the DOM creation has been modified to check and add these css selector classes.

See example commented HTML here.


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