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Welcome to the Amplience Customer Success Hub for Users, which is home to the end-user guidance for all Amplience products and services. If you are a software developer, you may wish to visit the Amplience Customer Success Hub for Developers instead (or as well).

Getting Started

To get you started, you can read the Amplience Adaptive Media Platform Overview and the Amplikedia A-Z. You can also learn about the Implementation WorkflowBasic Component WalkthroughCreating Brand StylesCreating Content TemplatesCreating a Data Feed, and Localization.

Amplience Apps

A number of apps can be accessed via the "Apps" menu that is accessible via the sidebar when logged in to Amplience. Click an icon to learn about an Amplience app:

In addition to these apps, you can learn about the following additional Amplience products:


Authoring Studio

Here you can find information about the Amplience Authoring Studio, with sections about...

Configuring Content

You can learn about Configuring Content by following these links:

Designing Content

Designing Content is described in the following sections:

Managing Content

Managing Content comprises Manage Content Modules and Managing Your Content Using Folders.

Publishing Content

You can learn about Publishing Content by following these links:

Content Module Analytics

The Content Module Analytics documentation comprises the Analytics Quick ReferenceModule Heat Maps, and The Area Report Page.

Administration Users

Administration users can find out about Parent | Child Accounts - How to Impersonate an Account and a User.

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