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Our first release newsletter was focused on all the recent updates to Content Authoring. We've improved the entire Content Authoring experience, from content creation through to publishing, and the video above lets you see the changes in action. 

You can find a summary of the newsletter below, together with links containing more information about each area of Content Authoring that's been improved. If you didn't receive the newsletter by email and would like to subscribe, send a request to



It’s now faster and more flexible to find the content you want using search. You can also search for any text inside the content, not just the title.

  • searching is no longer case sensitive
  • content can be found by content ID
  • the search is retained if you navigate away from the Content Library and back again
  • feedback during search has been improved

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We’ve made a few improvements to content creation, including the ability to create a copy of a selected piece of content from the Content Library.

  • create content without leaving the Content Library
  • content is now created in the user's current folder
  • a clearer ‘Save’ menu
  • a new copy item on the card menu

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Updating existing content has also been made more efficient.One much requested feature is clickable cards: just double-click an item’s card in the Content Library to open the editing window.

  • it’s easier to identify an item’s content type in the content editing window
  • quickly rename content from the ‘Save’ menu.

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You’ve always been able to keep your content organised in folders, but we’ve made it easier.

  • folders can now be renamed
  • move content between subfolders
  • select and drag multiple content items

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To help you preview your content before it’s published, we’ve introduced Virtual Staging Environments (VSEs) and enhanced Visualizations.

  • preview your content within the Content Authoring app
  • use the same unpublished content in your staging environment for approval prior to publishing
  • restrict access to unpublished content 

You can read more about VSE here. For more on Visualizations check out our tutorial. Look out for VSE tutorial videos coming soon.


 We’ve saved the best until last: publishing enhancements in response to your requests. You can now publish multiple items at once and publishing feedback has been made much better.

  • select and publish multiple items
  • better feedback during publishing
  • publish status is automatically updated

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