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This release note covers some updates to Content Authoring, including a new "Save and Publish" menu item in the Content Editing window, changes to search functionality and performance improvements.

Save and Publish menu item

The Save menu in the Content Editing window now contains an additional item: "Save and publish". This simplifies your workflow by allowing you to save changes to a content item and then publish it. Previously items could only be published from the Content Library.

In the example below a change has been made to a piece of content and Save and Publish is chosen to save and then publish the updated item.

Search box retains contents

When you search for content containing some specified text in the Content Library, the search text is now retained between searches. 

In the example below we've searched for the misspelled text "signatre" and this returned no results. If we click in the search box, we can now edit the search text to correct the spelling of "signature" without having to enter the entire search text again.  Press return and any content containing this text will be returned.

 Click here to see the improved search..

In the example below we've mistyped "signature" and so searching for the misspelled search text returns no results.

We click in the search box and edit the text. Previously the search text would have been cleared when we clicked in it.

We edit the search text so that we correctly search for "signature". When we press return any content containing this search text is displayed.

Performance improvements

We've made some "under the hood" improvements to Content Authoring app so that the Content Library loads a lot faster when you start the app. We've also added a spinner to the loading screen which is shown while the content is loading.

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