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This release note covers the new list view feature in Content Authoring. There are now two ways of viewing your content in the Content Library, a grid view that displays your content as a set of library cards, and the list view. The list view provides access to all the normal content functionality including search, bulk selection, edit and publish. Loading content in the list view is fast and it's easy to switch between the grid view and list view so you can view content in the way that best matches your workflow.

In this note we'll give an overview of how to use the list view to work with your content. For more details about the features discussed, see the Related Pages section.

Viewing your content in the list view

When you launch Content Authoring for the first time, the default view will now be the list view, displaying all the same information as the grid view such as name, publish status and workflow, but also including the modification date. 

To switch into the grid view, choose the grid icon as circled in the image below. 

The content is now displayed in the grid view. You can switch back into list view by clicking the list icon. The next time you launch Content Authoring, it will remember the view you chose.

In the list view you can manipulate your content in the same way as you would in the grid view: double-clicking a piece of content to open the content editing window and accessing features, including copy and rename, from the ellipsis menu to the right of each content item. 

Working with your content in the list view

As with the grid view, in the list view it's easy to select and perform actions on multiple pieces of content. To select a content item, click anywhere inside the item in the list and click again to deselect. A blue tick indicates whether an item is selected.The selected items can then be published or dragged to a folder.  If you're a user of the Content Authoring app, then this behaviour will be familiar to you. 

To quickly select all items, click the tick icon in the header of the list view and click this again to deselect all.


With one or more items selected the "Publish Selected" button is shown at the top of the window. Click this to publish the selected items. The publish status spinners will be shown to the left of the selected items to indicate the progress of the publishing operation.


 Click here to see publishing in more detail...

Select the items you wish to publish and click publish selected.

You are asked to confirm the publish operation and notified of any linked content. Click the Publish button to continue.

Publishing is in progress and the spinners are shown by each selected item. When publishing is completed, the green publish icon will be shown by each of the selected items.

Workflow status

To edit the workflow status for a content item, click the workflow icon for the item whose status you want to edit. The workflow editing dialog will be displayed and you can change the status as normal. 


The same sorting options are available for the list view and grid view. Note that if you edit content then the sort order will not change, but you can refresh the list by choosing a sort option from the menu.

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