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Product NameAmplience Cartridges for Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Latest Release17.2.0
Dynamic Media Integration(tick)
Content Authoring Integration(tick)
Certified?(tick) (LINK Certified Partner)
Compatible SFCC Version

17.7 onwards

Compatible Site Genesis Version103.1.11
SFCC Marketplace page
Cartridge details / download page
Product OwnerOliver Secluna

What is it?

What does it do?

Amplience Content Authoring

  • Provides means for retrieving structured content authored in Amplience content management system, transforming it into ready-to-render form and storing it in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Content authors are given full control overhow the content is to be rendered.
  • The content is indexable by both internal Salesforce Commerce Cloud searchengine and web crawlers.

Amplience Dynamic Media

  • Product imagery served by the Amplience Dynamic Media service. Easily configurable.
  • Automated assignment of Amplience product media to SFCC products catalog.
  • Configurable ootb production ready PDP viewer.
  • Support for 720, 360, video, alternate images.

Amplience Dynamic Media Import

  • Provides easy and configurable assignment of Amplience product images to DW products.


  • The cartridge supports a specific feature set. New Amplience features are not automatically supported.
  • User Generated Content (UGC) is not supported by the integration.
  • Interactive Merchandising (IM) is not supported by the integration.
  • Amplience Content Authoring items are limited to 20,000 to prevent an SFCC quota violation. This means if the Amplience account has more than 20,000 items, only the first 20,000 will display in Business Manager.


Business UserContent Authoring Cartridge User GuideContentAuthoringSFCCUserGuide.pdf
Business UserDynamic Media Cartridge User Guidecoming soon
DeveloperInstallation and Setup GuideAmplienceIntegrationSetupInstructions.pdf 
DeveloperStorefront Integration GuideSiteGenesisStorefrontIntegration.pdf
DeveloperContent Authoring Accelerators (frontend renders) setup guideCartridges for SFCC: Setup Accelerators
Developer / TesterComplete Test CasesAmplienceSFCCTestCases.pdf


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