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Venda CDN upgrade

If you have traditionally used Amplience through Venda and are looking to come over directly to the Amplience platform under a direct contract please read our guidance below: 

What will stay the same?

  • Data Feed
  • Quick view integration
  • Analytics
  • Account log in details
  • Existing Content

What will change?

  • Different publishing connector - content will get published directly to the Amplience CDN meaning faster loading times. 
  • Workflow – A publishing area will need to be created for each of your environment ( LIVE / TEST etc. ).
  • Embed Code.

Embed codes will need to be amended to load Amplience content from the Amplience CDN instead of directly from the Venda Servers. You can find details of this below.

Global Header Template files:

Amplience Interactive Merchandising has 2 files which are required in order to load Amplience content:

Interact.min.js is an Amplience JavaScript Library with code that manages the process of embedding Amplience media. 

swfobject.min.js which loads legacy flash players onto the page for non HTML5 compatible browsers.

These two files will be included in the embed code for your modules using the Amplience CDN, further details on these files and the embed code can be found by visiting this Hub page.

Using your Embed Code

The embed code for each of your publish areas can can be copied and pasted directly from the Amplience platform.Please review this area on the hub for more information about assigning the connector and embed code. Your new amplience connector will always be called Amplience CDN

Next Steps:

Speak to your Account Manager to get your account provisioned with an Amplience CDN connector

Change the embed code as per the above on a test environment

Continue to use this process for every new or updated content you have


If you have any questions please contact Customer Success at

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