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Internationalisation FAQs

How do I add new locales to Authoring Studio?

This requires administrator permissions so please contact the admin of your account specifying which locales you would like adding. Once these have been added you can see them in Authoring Studio.

What assets can be localised?

Currently Images, Video and Text assets can be localised. The benefits of this is you can have one module tailored towards each international site, for example a sale module could display the text in French, English or German depending on which site they are visiting. This speeds up content creation time as you don't need to create separate modules for each language.

How do I add localised image assets?

The entire process on creating multiple locales for image assets can be followed in this guide. Note: Make sure you view all the relevant sub menu items on the left hand side.

How do I add localised text assets? 

There is also a useful guide on this in our knowledge base area.

When new locales are added to my account do I need to republish existing modules?

No, new locales that are added to your account will show up in Authoring Studio under the Locale drop down menu:

Would I need to republish text/image  assets?

Yes, any text/image assets that have new locales added to them would require republishing to reflect the changes. 

Do I have to update locale text in a module to reflect new locales added?

No, the module will automatically update once the new asset is added to the localisation group and all assets in this group are published. You will not need to redraw or reimport the text assets each time you update the locales. 


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