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Where can I find the UGC app?

UGC is named Social under the apps area similar to where Media Share, Text Editor, etc would be. To locate it, go to Assets > Apps:

Why are my feeds no longer pulling any images in for moderation?

Please check to ensure the UGC Script processing job has been ran. You can check this by viewing the last run column under Processing jobs:

This will need to be ran in order for the images to be ingested into the Social app by clicking on the cog wheel and selecting Run Now:

After a few minutes and depending on the amount of images being ingested you should see the images in your moderation queue.

How do I automatically run this on a daily basis?

Instead of manually running the above processing job, you can create a new Bulk Upload and set it to trigger the processing job after completion. Go to Assets > Bulk Upload and select New. 

Fill out a title and set the frequency to a minimum of 6 hours. Click on Advanced Job options and apply the UGC processing script like below:

If you struggle to do this or don't have permissions to access this area then please contact for assistance.

There are missing images that aren't pulling through on last ingestion, where are they?

If there are less than expected number of images on last ingestion it is possible these 'missing' images may have already been moderated and rejected. These would then be ignored on next ingestion. 

Why are there duplicate images in the moderation view?

There are few reasons why duplicate images could appear:

  1. The UGC processing job was triggered multiple times in quick succession resulting in the first job not completing before the next one is started
  2. The images in moderation queue may have been re-shared or posted from a different account
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