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YouTube - Video Player Depreciation


YouTube are depreciating functionality which allow for video players to be editing in the Amplience Interactive Merchandising Authoring Studio.

The impact

When editing YouTube content in the Authoring studio, you may receive the following message:

If you see this error you will not be able to preview your selected YouTube video in the Amplience authoring environment, the published Amplience content will still show and play the YouTube video on your site. Publish the content to a test page to confirm how it will display.

YouTube's deprecation of Flash embedding means it is no longer possible to author shoppable YouTube video with dynamic cue points in Amplience. However, you can still display a static list of product around the YouTube video or use an Amplience video player to create shoppable video.

The notice from YouTube can be found here

YouTube Error Message

Error: Youtube - An unknown error occured with this video

Short term resolution

In the short term, some users have been able to avoid this message by clearing their browser cache and their flash player cache. This often results in the video being available again. This is not guaranteed to work but may enable emergency editing of an existing video within an Amplience module.

Suggested resolution

Amplience has its own video player which can be used to play video in your content modules. You input URL's to your hosted video files into the Amplience video player. If you have Amplience video transcoding, then Amplience can host the video files for you. This guide shows how to input and gain video URL's:

Adding Video To A Module


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