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This release note covers improvements to Content Authoring that simplify your workflow.

In this release the location to which content is saved has been made more consistent, helping you to keep your content organised. In addition, child content is now automatically saved in the same folder as its parent.

These changes are explained in more detail below.

Content is saved in the current folder

Content is now saved in the folder selected when the content was created rather than the root folder. This makes it easier to keep related content together in the same folder.

In the example below, the folder "Summer Content" is selected.

Clicking the 'Create Content' button in the Content Library opens the Content Types window. We choose to create a Tutorial Banner.

A new piece of content is created and saved.

The content is saved in the "Summer Content" folder.

If content is created from the Content Types window, by selecting the content type and choosing "Add Content", then this content will be saved in the folder currently selected in the Content Library.

Child content is saved in the same folder as its parent

When you are creating child content, such as an individual slide within a carousel, the child content is now saved in the same folder as its parent. Previously the content was saved in the root directory.

In the example below, a carousel named "Seasons Carousel" is saved in the folder "Content Folder 2", together with an existing slide.

We edit the carousel content and add another slide by choosing "Create & Add New"

The new slide is then saved.

The newly created slide is stored in the same folder as its parent.

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