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This release note explains some enhancements to the Content Authoring app, including a new publish status icon in the Content Editing window and an improved Save menu. We've also improved the feedback you'll see when saving changes to a content type.

Publish status icon in Content Editing window

When you edit a piece of content, by double clicking its library card in the Content Library or choosing Edit from the item's contextual menu, then the Content Editing window is opened.

An icon showing the publish status is now shown in the Content Editing window. These are the same icons displayed in the Content Library to indicate publish status. If the item has not been published then no icon will be shown, while an item which has been previously published but has been modified and requires publishing again, is shown with the exclamation mark icon.

In the image below the status icon indicates that the content has not been modified since it was published.

Save Menu items now consistent with the content's saved status

The names and behaviour of the items in the Save menu in the Content Editing window now reflect the saved status of the content.

If the content does not require saving, then the Save and Publish item is just named Publish. Selecting this item will publish the item in the same way as it is published from the Content LibraryPreviously this item was only enabled if the content had been modified. If the content is already published and doesn't require saving, then the Publish item is not included in the menu.

Create Another will open a new window allowing you to create content of the same type.

The Save As, Create Another and Refresh items are now always enabled. 

If the item requires saving, then a Save and Close item is added to the Save menu and Publish and Create Another are named Save and Publish and Save and Create Another.  

Selecting Save and Publish will save and then publish the content, while Save and Create Another saves the existing content and opens up another content editing window to add a new piece of content of the same type.

The Save menu button itself is only enabled if the content requires saving.

 Click here to see the Save menu for content that requires saving...

The Save menu for content that has been modified and hasn't been saved is shown below.

Improved feedback while saving a content type

We've improved the feedback you'll see when you save changes in the content type form. When you create a new content type or make changes to an existing one and click Save, the Save button is disabled and a message saying "Your schema has been updated/ created" will be displayed when the changes have saved successfully.

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