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This release includes a couple of minor but useful enhancements to the asset settings and contextual menus in Content Hub.

Settings menu improvements

The items in the settings menu, the drop down menu displayed by clicking an asset's cog icon, now include all the actions included in the contextual menu, which you access by right-clicking. An example of the updated settings menu is shown below. 

Content Hub Cog Menu

The behaviour of the menus has not changed. The actions in the settings menu apply to a single asset, while the contextual menu will vary depending on the assets you have selected.

In the example below multiple assets are selected, so the options to show the properties pane and metadata are not shown in the contextual menu since these actions can only be performed on a single asset. 

Content Hub Contextual Menu

Another enhancement is that the contextual menu is no longer automatically closed when the user moves their mouse pointer away from the selected asset. Just click within the Content Hub window to dismiss the menu.


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