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These release notes are for the v0.14.0 release of Content Authoring.

New and Updated Features

This release features several user interface changes and improvements. A number of these changes are related to workflow, a feature that was introduced in version 0.10 of Content Authoring. A new Managing Workflow tutorial has been published which provides a detailed introduction to this feature. The changes from the existing workflow UI are listed in this note.

  • The order of the content types and content library icons in the Content Authoring app has been reversed. The content library will now be the first screen opened when content authoring is launched, rather than the content types window.
  • A "Rename" feature has been added to make it easier to change the name of a piece of content. When content is first saved the rename dialog is displayed allowing you to choose a name for the content. The name can be changed subsequently by choosing "Rename" from the Save menu or from the card contextual menu in the content library.

 Click here to see the rename dialog...

Content can be renamed from the card contextual menu in the content library, as well as the Save menu in the content editing window.

  • The content title is now shown in the status bar of the content editing window
  • The behaviour of the "Cancel" and "Back" buttons has changed to be more consistent. If there are unsaved changes, then the button title will be "Cancel" and you will be presented you with a warning asking to save changes, otherwise the button name will be "Back" which will return you to the content library.
  • Content can now be created by choosing a new "Create Content" button in the content library. 
  • The way that the workflow options is accessed has changed and the options previously available in the "Set Status" menu have been incorporated into the status button.
 Click here to expand the status button menu...

Performance Improvements

There have been several performance improvements within Content Authoring. in particular library cards will load much faster and you should notice performance improvements throughout the app.

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